With God, all things are possible
Welllll ... he he, today was much better!  I cannot believe all we were able to accomplish.  We worked on Language Arts (Nouns), Phonics, Reading, Social Studies/Geography and many other things.  At least we are headed in the right direction.
LESSON, for me, be better prepared with materials for the kindergarten/preschool children.  We did our mini books, math worksheets, practiced writing our name, and did some other fun things.  The day goes by so quickly... so a timer is definitely required for the lessons. 
1.  Plan better
2.  Prepare materials
3.  Set a time limit on each subject
4.  Use "lunch prep" time for reading, writing, and other self studies... or just to study.

I've learned over time; you jump out of bed in the mornings in run mode and you don't stop until you hit the sheets at night!  That's how you get it all done! 

God bless,
Constantly Cooking

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