With God, all things are possible
Our homeschooling begins on August 20th.  Time to organize the books, set up a plan... and be ready for those daily challenges.  I'm homeschooling, this year 4th, 6th, prek and kindergarten.  Sounds intriguing... but I think I can do this.  A new little boy is going to join my family in our learning adventures.  I'm super excited to welcome him... I'll call him "B" for now.  I am going to view myself as the 'teacher' because I no longer want to be considered just a  "daycare lady"
or baby sitter.
Maybe this new change in title will help me focus on the 'task' at hand.  We shall certainly see.  My homeschooling goal is to teach those things which can be taught as a group to all the children; then separating them and teaching their individual 'grade' studies one on one, and organizing my day so I can actually do this!  Well... that will be the challenge.  Our fourth grade focus will be more on reading and comprehension.  I'm teaching some left handed kids... so I'm going to approach this in a 'Right brained' learning style.  WOW... Prayers... I know I can do this!
My other goal is to post homeschooling events regularly in my blog and on other things I consider of value, as well as start my 'story' series.  That's the prize, as well as something I'm super excited about.  I hope it causes you to WANT to follow along! 
I'm not fretting yet.  I know that all things are possible thru God who strengthens me.  I'm praying you guys can keep up with how I word things... I get excited and in a hurry...  and find myself rushing through... as I work thru constant interruptions. 

See you all beginning August 20th!  God Bless!

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