With God, all things are possible
I hate to say it, but  I've NEVER, well, until today, done mission work.  I was invited by a church member to join the young girls in our church doing mission work in our community.  So, yes, not knowing what to expect, I joined in.  
    We arrived at the local Headstart in a poorer section of town promptly at 7:30 am.  Barely having had breakfast, and not quite awake, I found myself stuffing sweet potatoes into plastic shopping bags.  Six taters per bag, to be precise.  After the potatoes had been put in bags, we began loading paper sacks with can food items, and dried goods.  It was a bit like walking down an assembly line, or trick-or-treating... open bag, drop in the goods.
    My two daughters (5 and 11) were with me, filling their bags and depositing them in the holding area.  Some of the canned items were peaches, blackeyed peas, corn, tomatoes, potatoes, and spaghetti sauce.  The dried goods were potatoes, then we had prunes and pieces of chocolate candy.     
    After all the bags, and boxes were filled with canned and dried goods we began handing out the food.  The people would either drive through or walk up, usually with a wagon.  A number (letting us know how many households we were providing for) was placed on each windshield.  We'd grab the number of bags/boxes of food items needed and load the car, truck or suv.  It was a very humbling experience for me and my two girls.  I was elated, and feeling as if I had provided a much needed service, just by being there. 
    I am praying another opportunity to serve becomes available soon....

God bless,
Constantly Cooking 

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