With God, all things are possible
    Sometimes you don't realize how thoroughly blessed you are until you've either come across difficult times, or walked a mile in the shoes of someone who has.  I think back in my life, and I've always been greatful for everything I've ever had.  To many, it may not have been much, but to me, it was everything.
    I make bracelets, because it's something I really enjoy.  I took several to church on Wednesday to show my dear friend Carolyn.  While looking at them, another lady (Marcel) chimed in about how beautiful they were, and how she'd like to have one.  My heart is generous, so it was nothing for me to give her the bracelet she admired.  She paid me!  I wasn't expecting that at all.  I don't like to sell things at church, but ended up taking her money because she refused to take it back.
    Feeling bad, I came home that evening and created a nicer bracelet, plus a set of earrings to match.  The bracelet I'd given Marcel wasn't even worth the money she paid for it, and I wanted to give her something nicer.  In my mind, these bracelets aren't worth much to me, but they are worth something to those I give them to.  So, there... I do get something out of these bracelets, I get to build a connect with someone and a beginning of a friendship.        
    Well, here's a picture of the bracelet.  I hope she receives as much pleasure from wearing it as I did in making it and giving it to her. 

God bless!
The Constant Cooker

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