With God, all things are possible
This is my NEW blog site!  I will be sharing daily and/or weekly experiences and challenges we, as a homeschooling family, and Constant cooker endure.  AGAIN, I must WARN you, my wording isn't always clear, so follow along crazily as I put forth an effort to make things clear and as normal as possible!  Thanks for visiting!  All comments are welcome.  NO FOWL language please, unless we're discussing raising or preparing cook pot chickens, and/or cooking a wild game item such as Quail, or Duck.  Foul or obscene (some even call it derogatory) language is also discouraged.  Although, I'm able to look past certain individual's need to express themselves in that way, some of my other followers may not be as open minded.  We are all adults, well, most of us.  And, I'm sure we can (myself included) act like adults, by having positive, creative, encouraging and inspiring discussions.  YOU don't have to agree, and it doesn't matter if you don't, since you'll probably give me your opinion anyways, PLEASE do it in a polite, and friendly manner!  HEY... It's all good!

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