With God, all things are possible
Today was officially the first day of our homeschool!  WOW!  I was super excited and all my plans went out the door as soon as I began.  No matter what you plan for, when a 4 and 5 year old are involved there is NO telling what direction you'll take!  LOUD... wow!  Thankfully my eleven year old daughter Ree was able to help out, but the noise really interfered with the fourth grader's reading.  I'm not worried... today was just an introduction and we will eventually figure out a rhythm... and THEN we'll beat to our own drum!  

God bless!  I've got some week old kittens to bottle feed, and laundry to stash... toilets to clean, assignments and lessons to prepare... whew, woman's work.  I only wished I got paid what I was worth!  :D  he he!

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