With God, all things are possible
Well, we just returned from our vacation, and to insure we continued our new way of eating packed all natural and carb free choices!  I lost five pounds, so that's super exciting.  The feeding schedule the kittens are on has tired me, so exercising has been put on the back burner for NOW.  Thank the Lord we were on an Island without a lot of dining choices, it made sticking to the plan that much easier.  BUT, I must say, Jekyll Island was one of the most serene and quiet vacations... most relaxing vacation that my family and I have ever taken.  The beaches were empty, and we felt as if we were on our own private island.  We enjoyed a wonderful place to stay; Days Inn.  There were two pools, jacuzzi tub, and childs pool.  Many hours, and evenings we had the pool to ourselves.  What a way to exercise; swimming laps in an almost empty pool!

Early in the mornings as the fishing boats would sail past, you could sit and drink your coffee while watching the dolphins, and birds.  My children are the type of children who enjoy nature, and absorb their surroundings, so this trip was a magnificent get away.  We found horseshoe crabs, a small shark, a stingray, jelly fish, hermit crabs, a bank load of sand dollars, and a variety of seashells, all along the beach.  We cannot wait to back again, next summer. 

Welllll ... he he, today was much better!  I cannot believe all we were able to accomplish.  We worked on Language Arts (Nouns), Phonics, Reading, Social Studies/Geography and many other things.  At least we are headed in the right direction.
LESSON, for me, be better prepared with materials for the kindergarten/preschool children.  We did our mini books, math worksheets, practiced writing our name, and did some other fun things.  The day goes by so quickly... so a timer is definitely required for the lessons. 
1.  Plan better
2.  Prepare materials
3.  Set a time limit on each subject
4.  Use "lunch prep" time for reading, writing, and other self studies... or just to study.

I've learned over time; you jump out of bed in the mornings in run mode and you don't stop until you hit the sheets at night!  That's how you get it all done! 

God bless,
Constantly Cooking
Today was officially the first day of our homeschool!  WOW!  I was super excited and all my plans went out the door as soon as I began.  No matter what you plan for, when a 4 and 5 year old are involved there is NO telling what direction you'll take!  LOUD... wow!  Thankfully my eleven year old daughter Ree was able to help out, but the noise really interfered with the fourth grader's reading.  I'm not worried... today was just an introduction and we will eventually figure out a rhythm... and THEN we'll beat to our own drum!  

God bless!  I've got some week old kittens to bottle feed, and laundry to stash... toilets to clean, assignments and lessons to prepare... whew, woman's work.  I only wished I got paid what I was worth!  :D  he he!